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much of an effect. i want to thank ms. howard from the budget office and also talk about some of the things we don't know how it's going to effect us. for instance, some of the things on the chopping block that provided a lot of activity to our city. it's important to have a grip on what's going on >> thank you supervisor. kate howard. happy to talk you throw thank you high level known that impacts of federal sequestration on the city and counties. and in addition, some of the other local agencies and some potential impacts to the residents of the cities and coincidences. i thought i'd take thank you high-level of what has happened in the sequesterer and share you to what degree their uncertain and happy to answer any questions. i've handed out a copy of this presentation as well as a high level summary of the high-level impacts thi impacts. the yellow or orange dots are sharing with you have how certain we are of those cuts. you'll remember in not that i'm aware of both the house and the senate voted across the board for the president to act around federal reduction. that th
? thank you ms. howard. appreciate it. again no budget analyst report so we will open it up for public comment. mr. paulson. >> we're reaching out with an award in search of you. we're going to search until the day is through, oh, oh, oh. don't be so bad. don't be so mean and the budget reward is not very lean. we're going to search for you. we're reaching out. we're in search for you. i always see like somebody's watching me, and i have a reward on you. i always feel like somebody's following me, and when will we see you again? when will we find and get a reward? will we have to wait forever? and we will search and search forever. when will we see you again? >> thank you. any other members of the public wish to comment on item four? seeing none public comment is closed. colleagues can we move that with recommendation. mr. clerk please call item five. >> item five authorizing the international terminal and terminal 3 newsstands cafe lease for host international, inc. for city and county of san francisco and a 10 year term with minimum guarantee of $733,176. >> thank you an
. that may go up and i spoke with ms. howard. she just walked up, but i don't think anybody expects the climate in san francisco or anywhere else in the country is the same tuesday after what happened on monday. the recivilianization plan i spoke about at the beginning, again, supervisor chiu last year, we identified 52 positions over this two-year budget that we believe could be recivilianized. these are positioned that at one point in time were civilian. but because of the attrition, both in the civilian core as well as the sworn complement, they had to be staffed. so when officers would go off on light duty or for other reasons, a sworn person took these jobs. so, as we fashioned our budget this accounts, approximately during the academy class, 52 positions, just putting officers back out to do what they assigned to do, and getting other people skilled doing the sort of thing what they need to do, it's just smart. this is an indication of where we've been with regard to civilian positions. i'd call your attention to 2009, not only was that the last year that the police department
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)